Naadapriya – The Music and Dance Institute is an endeavor to promote formal learning of Western and Indian styles of music, Indian style dance forms, Yoga and Painting etc.. The institute, with a strong and experienced team of teachers, offers regular classes as well as online classes. Their comprehensive curriculum is contemporary in its content and approach. The sole mission at the Naadapriya institute is to preserve and enhance the best traditions in our rich and varied musical heritage by providing a comprehensive music program that serves the educational and artistic needs of the community, state, region and beyond.

The institute aims at initiating an interest and providing an opportunity for the coming generation in the areas of instrumental and vocal music. Students are given opportunities to perform in programmes and other events organized by the institute. The environment is designed to give a complete learning experience, filled with opportunities for its students. So, if you’re looking at honing your musical and dance skills, Passion is the place to go to.

Classes Conducted:

Carnatic Vocal Music
Hindustani Vocal Music
Western Music Instruments (Guitar & Keyboard)
Carnatic & Hindustani Instruments (Flute, Mrudangam, Tabla, Violin & Veena)
Bharatnatyam Dance Classes
Kuchipudi Dance classes
Kathak Dance classes
Yoga Classes
Painting Classes